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We are a Creative Studio that creates Eye-catching content for product-based businesses all around the world.

We make it a priority to stay up to date with social trends, styling techniques and  creative processes to give our clients the best experience & deliverables possible. 

WE are always Investing in new props and equipment for our shoots which has evolved into quite the large prop collection. 

The Full Story

with a background in Social Media, we began planning and creating our own content for our clients in 2018 and that's how The Social Sundae was Born.

Launching over 4 years ago, we have built and developed a Colourful aesthetic of Bold & vibrant photography.  

Specializing in Product Photography and video content for industries such as beauty & skincare, health + Wellness, clothing, Food + beverages, and Accessories.


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Just at my hair appointment and one of the girls  was saying “Your social media is so great lately!” I said, “I’m so glad to hear that because I have barely done any’s all Carlie.
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I’m absolutely completely in love with the pictures and that the vision was executed the way I imagined. The entire process was professional and well-executed! Thank you so much!
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Excuse my French but — HOLY F*CKING SH*T. You absolutely hit this one out of the park. I CANNOT WAIT to upload these to the site.  I’ll send you a link once it’s done so you can see all your beautiful work put together.
Thank you again x1000!


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